Osho Dynamic Meditation – Third Stage: Grounding

The third stage of the Osho Dynamic Meditation consists of 10 minutes of continuous jumping on the spot. But this jumping is not ordinary jumping. It is done with raised arms, shouting the sound “Hoo” with every outbreath, whilst landing on the ground. It is a coordinated action of different elements: body movement, sound, breathing and impact with the floor; all this creates a powerful combination with a defined purpose: awakening of the “emergency energy”.

Tap into your reservoir of infinite energy

Normally people run on a certain amount of energy needed for daily tasks: walking, eating, talking, studying, etc. And by the end of the day tiredness kicks in and sleep is needed to recharge. Now, remember last time you felt exhausted, you were going to sleep and could not even undress. You collapsed on the bed and fell asleep like a log. Say at that time your house caught on fire, what would you do? Sleep? Most likely you would immediately feel flooded with a rush of extra energy to help you cope with this emergency. Where does all this energy come from? It has always been there, but unused. Extreme situations force us to access a deeper level of energy. The jumping in Dynamic Meditation will get you to access the “emergency energy”. It is a very empowering experience. It will make you realise you are more than your body and mind; you can go beyond your limits. What happens is that you tap into your pool of dormant energy, the energy normally used only for emergency. And this energy does not run out, it is there, waiting to be accessed.

With the third stage of Osho Dynamic Meditation you achieve three things: 1) you discover you have this enormous amount of energy inside; 2) you learn how to access it; 3) you have an existential experience that there is something beyond your body/mind limits. It makes you feel very powerful and can change your life.

Totality is the key

The Dynamic Jumping is an energy experience. When the energy is flowing to its fullest, the body becomes a dynamo. You see yourself jumping, it is happening despite of you, you see the body as a separate entity. You create a gap between you and the body. You can go beyond your body, and beyond your mind. There is only one condition to experience the power of the Dynamic Jumping: you need to be total, you need to really go for it. If you jump half-heartedly, nothing will happen, you will feel tired and no experience of “emergency energy” will be felt. This normally happens when there is fear of losing control. In this case a part of you will hold back creating an inner conflict. It is like wanting to climb a mountain but deep inside resisting it; it will never happen because the inner conflict will divert the energy and prevent you to access your full energetic potential.

The “Hoo” sound

Why the sound “Hoo”? Osho was very particular on this. Many people who do Dynamic Meditation forget to stick to the Hoo sound and go off the tangent with other sounds like “Ho” “Ha” “Hi”; unfortunately, that does not work. Osho chose “Hoo” for a specific reason. “Hoo” comes from the Sufi tradition and it is a powerful sound which goes deep to the root. The “Hoo” sound creates body electricity and hits the sex centre, where the human vital energy resides. Normally this energy is used up in sex, and for all other daily functions. And the natural law of gravity, pulls the energy downwards. With Dynamic Meditation, as the energy raises upwards, you can beat the gravity force, as if you are flying – you jump against gravity.
It is very important to use “Hoo” with the exhalation. Emphasize the outgoing breathe with the sound “Hoo” at the exact moment when you land with your feet on the ground. If you follow these exact instructions, results are guaranteed and you can experience it for yourself!

Body ache and jumping

If you do Dynamic Meditation for the first time, you may experience some body ache. That is absolutely normal and there are reasons for it. First of all, Dynamic Meditation is a vigorous workout, especially the jumping stage. So when you do a new exercise, you will use different muscles, hence the pain (watch out for your calves).
But there is a deeper reason for the body ache. The ache is the result of a purification process.
Through jumping, the energy will be activated and will help purify stress chemicals and toxins, so that the body can become again fluid, alive, vibrant and natural.

Health benefits of jumping

From a health perspective alone, jumping offers a whole host of benefits. It counteracts the negative effects of prolonged sitting. It is a wonderful fitness regime which boosts oxygen uptake, cardiovascular health, core strengthening, bone mineral density, mental health (more oxygen-rich blood flow in your brain), mitochondrial biogenesis, lymphatic circulation, and immune system. Moreover, studies on Whirling Dervish have found an increased level of electricity in their bodies.  As a result of friction and pressure caused by jumping, molecules in the body generate an electric charge called piezoelectricity.

At Grounding Camp, we offer you the amazing opportunity to feel the power of the Osho Dynamic Meditation. Jump on board and have a first-hand experience of this wonderful meditation technique. Jump for your life change your life for the better!