Osho Dynamic Meditation – Second Stage: Catharsis

Dynamic Meditation – second stage

The second step of the Osho Dynamic Meditation is the bit you less expect.

For the first time in history, Osho introduced emotional expression as part of a meditation technique. Noticing that traditional passive meditation was no more suitable for modern people living in the twentieth century, Osho devised a new revolutionary and daring method. So what is emotional release and how it can help you?


Catharsis means emotional purification. The second stage of Dynamic Meditation is a wonderful opportunity to release all those emotions that cannot be expressed in everyday life. Due to social constrains, normally people are not encouraged or even allowed to express emotions freely. And repressed emotions create a whole host of negative consequences. Emotions are potent energy phenomena. So, if this energy is not permitted an outlet, where does it go? It has to go somewhere; it cannot just disappear. It implodes, it gets trapped within the body, at a muscular level. And trapped energy can be dangerous. Osho describes it as poison and modern science has proved it.

Flight or Fight Response

Scientists say that people are hardwired to react to environmental stimuli with what is known as “flight or fight” response. Our ancestors needed to be constantly vigilant and developed an efficient mechanism to cope with life threatening situations (i.e. a tiger attack). Nowadays chances of a tiger attack are very slim, so the “flight or fight” stress-response is no more needed. Today people get stressed predominantly because of traffic, work or emails. However, the hardwire stress-response triggers a series of chemical reactions: increased blood pressure, increased glucose and cortisol level, immune system and digestion shut down, the skin gets acidic and so on and so forth.
The result is that people keep producing unnecessary chemicals which have no outlet. The body is confused: it gets ready for action, but nothing happens. These stress hormones and chemicals circulate in the bloodstream. Catharsis is a much needed purification from repressed emotions and unnecessary stress chemicals within the body. It is a very effective way to restore the natural flow of energy. This process of emotional release might be a bit difficult at first, just because it is unusual. But once you go through that initial phase, true catharsis will make you feel rejuvenated, weightless, fresh, alive, vibrant and utterly relaxed.

Emotional balance for a peaceful mind

“If I didn’t go nuts once in a while I would go crazy”.

The second stage of Dynamic Meditation is about going “consciously mad”: few minutes of craziness each day for a life-long of sanity and emotional peace. On the surface people seem or pretend to be normal. But have you noticed how some people go literally nuts if someone steps on their toe in public transport? Or how easily people lose their temper when driving? Or how trivial things can trigger such outbursts of anger? Some people are literally walking bombs, ready to blow up, just waiting for an excuse to release madness, anger and violence.
So it is clearly not helpful to express negative emotions towards others, nor it is good to suppress them. So if repression is unhealthy and hurting others is not an option, what to do? Dynamic Meditation provides a safe outlet, a possibility to express the energy provoked by repressed emotions without the negative effects of accumulating stress chemicals in the body. It is a wonderful way to clean your whole system from unwanted emotions and negative feelings on a daily basis. The same way you clean your body daily, you want to keep your mind and emotions clean. A daily catharsis is a simple, easy, safe way to unburden the mind, express energy that would normally implode and avoid negative consequences for your body/mind system.

Take control over your emotions

By expressing emotions, you can control them, rather than your emotions controlling your life. Osho Dynamic Meditation offers you the opportunity to do two things at the same time: become aware of suppressed emotions; express those emotions and the energy behind them. If you try to become aware of your negative emotions without the opportunity to release them, it can be an unpleasant experience, if not dangerous. When you start looking inside your inner world for the first time, you might be forced to see things that are not nice: anger, violence, jealousy, hatred. Everyone carries those seeds to some extent. And if you do not have the opportunity to express those emotions in a safe space, you might be disturbed.
After you taste the beneficial effect of a good catharsis, you might get hooked up and enjoy this stage. But remember, catharsis is just a phase, it is not a goal; it is a means to expand your consciousness, not something to pursue per se.

Stay tuned and discover what happens next in this journey through the 5 stages of Osho Dynamic Meditation, the most powerful meditation technique within the world of Osho Active Meditation. Or if you cannot wait, jump on board and give it a go. Grounding Camp is the ideal place where to explore this wonderful method for inner transformation.