Osho Dynamic Meditation – First Stage: Dynamic Breathing

Breathe, go mad, jump, freeze and dance. Does it sound like a meditation to you? I bet it doesn’t. But trust me: this is the most effective meditation you will ever experience. It is called Osho Dynamic Meditation and it is arguably the most powerful meditation within the world of Osho Active Meditations.

This is the first of 5 articles to explain in details the 5 steps of this amazing technique, its rational and benefits.

Sounds exciting? Let’s explore the first stage.


The Osho Dynamic Meditation starts with a 10 minutes of deep, chaotic, fast breathing exercise. Breathing has to be intense, vigorous, non-rhythmic and with emphasis on the exhalation. But why to breath in this particular way? What are the benefits?


This breathing technique is a deep cleansing and purification of your body. It will change your whole chemistry: more oxygen, less carbon dioxide and toxins. The more oxygen you take in, the more carbon dioxide and toxin you expel, the healthier, awake, alive and vibrant you will be. Normally we do not use our lungs at full capacity. It is estimated that we only use 1/3 of our lungs, meaning we live well below our full potential. In addition, our intercostal muscles are kind of atrophied, thus preventing our lungs to expand fully, especially in the lower part. When you start practising Dynamic Meditation, your lungs will increase their oxygen intake. More lung capacity means more oxygen reaching out to your cells, thus activating your metabolism. Also, breathing directly affects blood pH (acidity-alkalinity level). Higher carbon dioxide content causes blood acidification and pH decrease, while higher oxygen levels increase blood pH, which is exactly what you want. 

If you live in a big city, this is even more significant to you. The amount of oxygen available will be less, so you need to make a conscious effort to hyper-oxygenate for at least few minutes per day.


Through deep and fast breathing you can tap into your reservoir of energy which is normally not accessed. It is like hammering your dormant pool of energy and consciously activate it. Meditation is all about being present and if you live in a dreamy state, low on energy, your mind will tend to constantly wander.

Dynamic breathing will help you become more alive, more energetic, spend less time lost in your thoughts and more time present in your body.

Mind and breath connection

Mind and breathing are interconnected. For example, if you are angry your breathing will be fast and concentrated in the chest. Whereas if you are calm and relaxed, your breathing will be slow and expand into your belly. Anger and calm breathing cannot go together. The contrary is also true. When actors need to interpret an emotional scene, they change their breathing to provoke the desired emotion.

The breathing of the Osho Dynamic Meditation is non-methodical, chaotic. The aim is to shatter your mind patterns. Normally the mind operates in a mechanical and repetitive way: thoughts, emotions and behaviours are pre-programmed into your unconscious mind. The chaotic breathing breaks through this system, and shakes you out of your unconscious auto-pilot state.

Neuroscientists have recently discovered neurogenesis, which simply means that the brain can create new neurons at any time – previously believed to be a fixed process, not able of regeneration. Hence the brain is neuro-plastic, it has the ability to create new neural pathways, establish new connections, ultimately change and reshape. You are not a fixed entity, you can transform your brain, hence your thinking process, emotions and behaviour.

Dynamic breathing can set you free from hard wired neural pathways and creates space for new routes, connections, possibilities. Break through the rigid mind mechanism, wake up from your robot-like behaviours and choose consciously how you want to live life.

Let go and relax

If asked to breathe deeply, what would you normally do? Try it now: breathe deeply. Most likely you started with an inhalation. This is symptomatic of a general tendency of the mind: the mind wants to take rather give.

In Dynamic Meditation breathing, the emphasis is on the exhalation. Emphasis on the exhalation is a wonderful way to develop a giving attitude. Also physiologically we need to empty the lungs first, in order to create space for more oxygen to get in.

Moreover, if you listen to your body, you will notice that the relaxation response happens at the exhalation point. Exhalation is the moment of let-go, it allows the mind the loosen up for the new to enter. Learn to relax, give and let go, rather stress, take and gain.

As you can see the Dynamic Meditation breathing is life changing. Change your breathing, change your life. It works, it is not theory, just do it for few minutes and check it out for yourself.

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