Hello Everyone,

Provided below is some important information for the 7-Day Grounding Camp Immersion in Florida. Before you continue please complete the simple survey to provide us with some of your basic information:

DATE: November 5th – 12th, 2017

LOCATIONWestgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo3200 River Ranch Blvd, River Ranch, FL 33867


Check-in starts at 4:00pm on Sunday, November 5th.
Dinner begins at 6:00pm followed by our first evening session.
• Monday, November 6th starts our morning 7-day process of Osho Dynamic Meditation.
• Remaining schedule will be presented on arrival. The days will be full, all meals provided, plenty of downtime in evenings to gather, connect. Westgate has on-site activities that you may explore during free time including a pool, basketball court, rodeo, horseback riding, etc. We will discuss at our first gathering the logistics for participating in the retreat’s activities.
The tentative end time of our retreat is Sunday, November 12th around 3-4:00pm. Lunch will be the last meal provided. Shuttles will be leaving during this time. An exact time will be provided as soon as we receive confirmation from the retreat center.


We intend on having one or two shuttles at Tampa International Airport and Orlando International Airport. Our Sunday pickup to Westgate will be between 2-3:00pm. Sunday drop-off back to the airports will be between 3-4:00pm. Please provide us with your arriving and departing flight itinerary on your survey so we can best accommodate the group’s needs as a whole.

• Orlando International to Westgate is a 1hr and 30min to 1hr and 45min drive (about 90 miles)
• Tampa International to Westgate is a 2 to 2.5hr drive (about 100 mies


River Ranch, FL will be an average of 80°F in the mornings and 60°F in the evenings. Please bring clothes that are comfortable for these changes in weather. Like the nature of our 3-day camps, it is highly recommended to bring multiples changes of clothes for each day as we’ll likely get sweaty during sessions. We also ask that you please bring a yoga mat, foam roller and a reusable water bottle.


“Meditation: The First and Last Freedom” by Osho
“Body Mind Balancing: Using Your Mind to Heal Your Body” by Osho
“The Chakra Book: Energy and Healing Power of the Subtle Body” by Osho
“Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic” by Osho
“The Tantra Experience (The Tantra Vision, Vol. 1): Evolution Through Love” Audible by Osho
“Language Of The Body” by Alexander Lowen
“The Archetype of Initiation” by Robert L. Moore

Please feel free to contact Jess at contact@groundingcamp.com if you need additional guidance or have any questions to better prepare yourself for the event. We are very grateful to have this opportunity to dive deeper with each and everyone of you. We look forward to seeing you in November!

– Elliott, Jess and the Grounding Camp Staff