Everywhere you look today you’ll find new gurus and teachers spouting the benefits of their freshly discovered, secretly developed, NASA researched, proprietary Method for personal growth, self mastery and illumination.

Depending on what you’re looking for, you’re likely to find someone willing to tell you and sell you on their Method. Some of these ways are valid, and some are just plain old silly. If you persist long enough you might actually find the teacher, process or community you’re looking for — but more than likely your search will end with the very frustration and hopelessness that you began with, only worse.

Bioenergetic Grounding™ is different. Bioenergetic Grounding™ is NOT a method, it is an approach.

First, understand that given the complexity of the neuromuscular, physiological and energetic reality of each human being, plus the transcendent unity and interrelatedness of the entire human race on this planet — NO SINGLE METHOD is enough to solve our individual and collective challenges.

Bioenergetic Grounding™ is a unified approach which combines many methods, to facilitate our personal and collective evolution.
Here is a list of many of the documented benefits of this approach:
    • A re-connected sense of self; increased self-love and well being.
    • Discover a more meaningful connection with your true station and purpose in life.
    • Realign with your deepest passions and tap into your hidden gifts, talents and resources.
    • Increase sexual vitality while maintaining emotional groundedness for greater self-expression.
    • Identify and resolve old, unresourceful thinking patterns and negative habits that hold you back.
    • Improve your posture; carry yourself with more confidence to be more physically attractive.
    Bioenergetic Grounding™ is about you being The Strongest Version Of Yourself, and our collective efforts to empower one another and the world.

    Bioenergetic Grounding™ is a term I’ve coined to describe a holistic approach to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual awakening. Today science is confirming what the spiritual mystics have saying for eons; that the body and mind are unified. I like to say The Body IS The Mind”, and in a few moments you’ll understand exactly what I mean.

    Bioenergetic Grounding™ has come about from my over 20 years of personal and professional experience, extensive study and application of methods derived from many of my teachers, mentors and inspirations — as well as from my interactions with clients, family and friends.

    Again, this is not a single method owned by me, but a holistic approach to personal and collective growth that combines the efforts of such pioneers as Wilhelm Reich MD, Alexander Lowen MD, Robert Glazer PhD and Osho. As well as Paul Chek, Krisana Locke & Ali Stein, Robert Moore PhD, Daniel Siegel MD, Alan Watts and Ralph Waldo Emerson. I also gain inspiration from various religious traditions including (but not limited to) Buddhism, Native American spirituality and The Bahai Faith. At the most practical level Bioenergetic Grounding™ uses bioenergetics, active meditation, neuromuscular training and mindful eating & lifestyle to support you in your personal growth; as well as compassionate communication, and service in the name of global peace and unity to empower the world, and the people we share existence with.

    During one of our popular Grounding Camps, small group trainings, online events, or one on one sessions you will be supported through one or several of The 9 Initiations :


    • Bioenergetics

      Scientific research and new developments in the field of trauma release now show how active breathing, bioenergetic breathing, catharsis and meditation work to soften and remove the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual boundaries of trauma, muscular tension, unhealthy habitual holding patterns and old stories, by allowing greater access to our authentic selves. Bioenergetic Breathwork was first introduced to me in 2003 by Krisana Locke, and I later developed my practice and dissemination of this incredible personal development tool under the mentorship of Bob Glazer PhD. The gift of Bioenergetic Breathwork and Bioenergetic Analysis was brought to us by two pioneers in the field of psychology Alexander Lowen MD & Wilhelm Reich MD.

    • Osho Active Meditations

      Active meditation is a style of meditation that advocates deep breathing and movement followed by silence. It was created by Indian mystic Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, later known as Osho. Osho advocated around 100 meditation techniques. He taught that a meditation style that involved physical activity was more practical for the modern world. Active meditation is practiced in stages and it can help to calm the mind and create better awareness of the world. There are no exact methods to practicing active meditation, as there are many types, but at Grounding Camp we teach guidelines you can follow and on which you can base your future meditation routines.


      According to the late Wilhelm Reich MD, muscular tension in the body arises as a defense against psychological trauma and stress. Reich noticed a consistent correlation between certain types of psychological resistance and patterns of muscular tension. He called this study of body psychology “Character Analysis”. By assessing and recognizing various “Character Structures” we can work towards wholeness on both the psycho-emotional and physical level. We use various forms of Self-Myofascial & Soft Tissue Release to ease muscular tension and rebalance the body-mind.


      Releasing muscular tension through stretching and soft work must be coupled with the strengthening of “low charge” or weak muscles. Our Character Structure is mostly notably recognized in our posture, the way we stand and carry ourselves. Through my extensive study, and over 20 years of fitness coaching experience (teaching corrective stretching, corrective strengthening and functional exercise) I have supported countless clients in becoming their “strongest selves” mentally, emotionally and physically. “The Body Is The Mind”, so physical fitness is an essential part of our spiritual path.


      The cells of our physical body are constructed from the foods we choose to eat. The foods we eat support the development of a strong, vital and vibrant body-mind. The right foods, in the right proportion, aids us in becoming our strongest selves. The wrong foods lead to composition imbalances, and ill health of the body, mind and soul. Although we don’t subscribe to any particular diet we advocate a “mindful” approach to diet. Our personal and collective evolution is also impacted by many other lifestyle choices which either lead to increased life, or towards decay. Things like job stress, relationship stress and sleep-wake habits all contribute to our well-being or lack thereof.


      How are we to ever know ourselves, and our place in our journey, if we never invest time in self reflection? With all of the distractions associated with living in this material existence, it is easy to lose ourselves and thus lose our way in life. With a firm faith in guiding principles and core values, self reflection allows us to measure our current selves against what we know to be our strongest selves. When daily self reflection is coupled with the awareness that life is finite (you’re going to die one day), we begin to see the impact of our thoughts, words and deeds on eternity.


      The most important conversations we’ll ever have in life happen between our ears. How we choose to think about, and speak with ourselves directly determines our level of pleasure in life, through our fully realized self-expression. If we are ever to become a light unto the world, we must first support the radiance within. Affirmation, mantra, prayer and visualization are the acts of actively plating seeds of positivity within the garden of our minds. Through these practices we enlighten our minds, bring peace and relaxation to our bodies, and shine more brightly for the benefit of the world.


      Compassionate Communication is about being deeply connected with, and knowing how to express our own feelings and needs, while simultaneously opening our hearts to understand the feelings and needs of others. I believe that much of the disunity amongst the peoples of the world is due to a lack of resourceful communication. Humankind is at a stage in our collective development that requires us to be with one another in more harmonious ways. Consultation and Compassion are principles I’ve learned as member of The Bahai Faith, and I’ve deepened my practice of it though the Non-Violent Communication method created by Marshall Rosenberg.


      It is my belief that global peace and unity is not only a resourceful ideal for humanity to strive for in this day of immense inter-connectedness, but as a member of The Bahai Faith I also believe that global peace and the unification of humankind is inevitable. We can either ascend by choosing to live our lives in accordance with the truth of human oneness, or remain stuck in the darkness of separation consciousness. Baha’u’llah, the Profit founder of The Bahai Faith, has said regarding the whole of humankind today “Ye are the fruits of one tree, and the leaves of one branch.” Through our unique, individual service to the world we begin to share love and develop unity amongst one another. Thus ushering in the promised light of peace and unity foretold by the Profits and Manifestation of all of the worlds religions. “So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth” – Baha’u’llah

    Through the Bioenergetic Grounding™ approach we allow our “Strongest Selves” to shine though by grounding our thoughts, words, actions, habits and character in the discipline and the diligent applications of “The 9 Initiations” listed above.